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Among its 47 national parks, three of Parks Canada’s gems are located in Quebec. Head to Forillon National Park, La Mauricie National Park or Mingan Archilago National Park Reserve to create lasting memories, and discover some of Québec’s most significant natural wonders.

Mauricie National Park is a great destination year-round. During winter, it is a paradise for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Enjoy the snowy paths and take a break with a nice hot chocolate by the fireplace at one of the Park’s warm shelters. During summer, discover one of the Park’s 150 lakes, and let the haunting cry of the common loon thrill your spirit. 

Forillon National Park is a dream destination for hikers: whether you are looking for a pebble beach along cliffs or a forest hike, we have a trail that is right for you. Observe the land and sea connection through its incredible wildlife and flora. During winter, enjoy scenic ski trails and discover a completely different side of the Park. 

Last but not least, spend your summer in Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve and explore a remarkably beautiful scattering of granitic islets and reefs. There is an abundance of life in this strange half-world: plants of variegated hues and shapes, seabirds gathered in colonies, seals, dolphins and whales, swarming the blue vastness in which the islands bathe. 

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