PY1 Pyramid - A new Immersive Show Experience

Montreal, Old Montreal & The Old Port of Montreal

Beginning June 1, the Show Through the Echoes, presented by TELUS and Accenture's will be unveiled as a world premiere in the pyramid PY1, the new nomadic and immersive venue designed by Lune Rouge Entertainment and Guy Laliberté. This 25-meter-tall structure is home to Montreal's Clock Tower in the Old Port of Montreal and will be there for only four months, after which it will begin its international tour.

A vast multimedia fresco conceived by the multidisciplinary artist Gabriel Coutu Dumont, Through the Echoes is a technological and emotional odyssey that tells the evolution of life, from the Big Bang to today. The audience takes the lead and stands in the center of the pyramid, right in the heart of the show. Surrounded by lasers, 360 ° projections, kinetic air elements, atmospheric special effects and grandiose lighting, spectators explore the thread of space and time, from our origins to our future possibilities, as in a waking dream.

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PYI Pyramid 
At the Clock Tower Pier
360 rue de la Commune Est
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 0B4
Tel. : 1 833 PY1 SHOW

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