6 Inexpensives indoor activities to do Montreal

The winter season is fast approaching and the activities available and exciting to you and your family are multiplying. Although they are all interesting, your budget is certainly limited and a choice is required. Fortunately, by shopping online, many coupons and promotions are available to allow you to have fun without exceeding your budget. Here are some affordable activities in Montreal that you could do right now with your family and friends. 

1. ISaute


Whether in Anjou, Kirkland or even in Brossard, the ISaute center is a must for people who like to move. Composed of several interconnected trampolines, the center delights both adults and children with its unique concept. It's the perfect place to practice basketball jumps, exercise, or simply to play with family and friends. In addition, with the free coupons available online, you can have fun at a low price.

2. Putting Edge

Putting Edge

Come have a good time with friends or family at Putting Edge, a long indoor, glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course. With its 18 holes, its music and its captivating and illuminated sets, the place plunges you into an electrifying universe and allows you to hit a few balls in a unique environment. Located inside, mini golf is a cheap activity in Montreal that you can do throughout the year. It appeals to adults as well as children and slips easily into one’s schedule, but especially in one’s budget. You can save an extra $2 on entrance by downloading your free coupon today.

3. Laser Game Evolution

Laser Game Evolution

The Laser Game Evolution Recreation Center has just set up on L'Acadie Boulevard in Montreal and is already attracting crowds! This next-generation laser shooter game for people ages 6 and up allows participants to compete against each other in a unique and captivating environment. Simple and inexpensive, this laser game is perfect for your list of activities this winter. 

4. Escaparium - Escape Games

Escaparium - Escape Games

If you feel like racking your brain and testing your logic, the Escaparium escape games will fit snugly into your vacation schedule. In this 60-minute activity, teams of 2 to 8 people, who you have previously created, must try to escape from a room by working together and combining their strengths. Entertaining and challenging, this unique game is designed for all ages and allows everyone to participate using their skills. This is the perfect game to go out with friends and family or even with colleagues. Reserve your spot now for an activity that is out of the ordinary, and don’t forget to download your coupon to save $2.50 per person. There are locations in Dorval, Laval and Saguenay. 

5. Grevin Museum

Grevin Museum

If the celebrities of this world are of great interest to you, the Musée Grévin in Montreal is the ideal destination to see them up close and take some original shots. It is there, in the Eaton Center of Montreal that you can find more than 120 wax statues of past and current celebrities. The latter, grouped by theme, are displayed in various impressive and entertaining arrangements that will charm both children and adults. Don’t forget your free coupon to save $3 on admission.

6. Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum

Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum

Located in the Old Port, the Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum is perfect for history buffs and for people who are eager to learn. Introducing the people who built Montreal, the museum and the archaeological site will allow you to learn more about the history of the city and our ancestors here. It's a perfect activity for the whole family, at any time of the year! You can also save $2 on admission by downloading a free coupon.

This winter, combining fun and savings in Montreal won’t be a problem. Whether you want to move, be challenged, learn or just relax, there are a lot of interesting activities available to you. In addition, by shopping online, you will find several coupons and promotions that will appeal to your budget. Book now for a busy winter!

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