Chocolaterie des Pères de Mistassini - Économusée

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Chocolaterie des Pères Mistassini Inc. – Economuseum of the Chocolaterie des Pères

Just visit the vast site of the Chocolaterie des Pères to immerse yourself in the history and memories of the charming Trappist monks, founders of the company.

On site, you can also take part in a thematic circuit and listen to the BaladoDiscovery which will allow you to go back in time and learn more about the Chocolate Factory. Then, you will inevitably go to the shop to taste chocolate and discover delicious local products. The whole family will be delighted with your visit to the Chocolaterie!

Becoming an economuseum in 2021, the Chocolaterie des Pères welcomes more than 20,000 visitors annually. During your visit, you will discover more history, a virtual tour of the chocolate-making workshop, as well as artefacts dating from the beginnings of the Chocolaterie, all in an enchanting site.

Throughout the year, the company transforms and sells more than 40 products throughout Quebec, including Easter figurines, fresh blueberries coated in dark chocolate and the star of the Chocolaterie, the little hen.

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Économusée de La Chocolaterie des Pères
555 route du Père-François-Xavier
Dolbeau-Mistassini (Québec) G8L 5E5
Tel.: (418) 276-1122

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