Making music is at the heart of CAMMAC’s mission

CAMMAC: Live music!

Immerse yourself in a world where music is the universal language and every note resonates with the joy of creation and camaraderie. CAMMAC embodies this vision, providing a true sanctuary for music lovers from all walks of life.

At the heart of CAMMAC lies a deep commitment to music and those who cherish it. In this relaxed and caring oasis, musical beginners and veterans come together to sing, play and thrive together. Our exceptional teachers guide each participant, regardless of experience, to new musical heights, nurturing passion and talent.

Whether it's deciphering a score for the first time or perfecting your art, every moment at CAMMAC is an adventure of learning and discovery. Here, music is much more than a series of notes; it’s an immersive experience where pleasure is as important as practice.

But CAMMAC is more than just a music center – it’s a beacon of Canadian culture. By promoting cross-cultural collaboration and bilingualism, we are shaping a future where music brings communities together and celebrates diversity. From captivating concerts to inspiring camps, our programs offer unique moments of fulfillment and wonder, in Canada's magnificent natural setting.

Together, through music, we forge unwavering bonds and cultivate a legacy of joy, harmony and creation. CAMMAC is not only a place where music is made, it is a haven of peace where music is experienced.

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