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Pow wow Abitibiwinni

The Pow Wow is a party open to all. It is a festive gathering where the First Nations celebrate their cultural heritage through music, dance, traditional clothing, sacred fires throughout the weekend. This event is a celebration of encounter, a moment of exchange and family and intergenerational rapprochement that emphasizes traditions and spirituality.

There are different dances: men's dances (traditional dances, sacred grass dances, free dance), women's dances (traditional dances of the dress with fringes, ceremonial shawl) and mixed dances (dance of the hoop ). In addition, the intertribal dances constitute a moment of encounter in which all those present are invited to participate.

Craft kiosks and typical traditional dishes will be set up on the site. For the occasion, a Shaputuan will be erected on the site to taste traditional dishes such as beavers, bustards and bannik on the fire in the manner of our ancestors. This is an appointment not to be missed.

8th edition “Every child matters”
For the 8th edition, the Pow wow Abitibiwinni committee pays tribute to Indigenous children who were sent to Indian residential schools as well as missing or murdered children under the theme of "Every child matters". Children are agents of change. They are the ones who will guide our families, our communities and Canada on the path that leads to truth and reconciliation. We invite you to bring an orange shirt and your support during the weekend.

Come watch and participate in competitive activities including the “Tciman Race”. This canoe race on the Harricana River is a tribute to the tradition of our Abitibiwinnik ancestors. As at the time, teams will have to join the Harricana River and complete the course. One team will come out on top, but everyone will have a smile on their face.

The "Isaac Kistabish" portage is a physical endurance exercise whose participants will have to take up the challenge of doing a round trip the length of the ice with a 200 lbs bag on their back for men and 100 lbs for women.

Mino Paciok / Everyone Welcome

On reservation

Come visit the church, in the shape of a tepee, where you will find an exhibition relating the history of the Abitibiwinnik (Anicinabe). Their millennial occupation of a vast territory has left footprints that you will discover in Pikogan as well as an Anicinabe craft shop made by members of the community. At the entrance to the community, under the teepee, discover the 7 sacred teachings and the Anicinabe rules of life.
For a reservation: 819-732-6591

Rodeway inn

Rodeway inn is located in the heart of Pikogan. The hotel offers several services including breakfast, a fitness room and an indoor swimming pool.

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Pikogan - Pow Wow Abitibiwinni
45 rue Migwan
Pikogan, Québec J9T3A3
Tel.: (819) 732-6591

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