Discover Saint-Hyacinthe and it's region - What to do & More !

For a getaway or a stay, explore Saint-Hyacinthe and its region. Charming, gourmet, festive, and easily accessible, the greater Saint-Hyacinthe region invites you to enjoy simple pleasures, memorable encounters, unique activities, authentic flavors, and a change of scenery. Experience special moments by meeting passionate individuals: stakeholders, shopkeepers, and local producers.

Whether you are passing through, visiting, or taking a break during a conference, Saint-Hyacinthe offers a multitude of activities and outings to enrich your free time and evenings. Whether with family, friends, or solo, young and old will find something to have fun, relax, shop, or discover new horizons.

Our region is famous for the richness of its lands and the diversity of the products cultivated here. Local drinks, beers, wines, fruits, vegetables, meats, sweets, and processed products will delight your taste buds. With its public market, the oldest still operating in Quebec, the diversity of producers accessible to the public, many of whom have gourmet shops open year-round, and its restaurants showcasing local products, the greater Saint-Hyacinthe region is an essential stop.

Saint-Hyacinthe offers you unique moments by discovering the authenticity and passion of our shopkeepers, producers, and processors, as well as a variety of activities to entertain you, get moving, and explore unique attractions. The different circuits will take you to all corners of the region, allowing you to admire our landscapes, discover our culture and heritage, and savor our local products.

Explore Saint-Hyacinthe and its region and let yourself be charmed by the richness of its offerings and the warmth of its welcome. Whether for a short getaway or an extended stay, you will leave with unforgettable memories and an irresistible desire to return.

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