Let's explore the world of mountain biking in Quebec

Mountain biking enthusiasts will find their happiness in Quebec with a variety of trails suitable for all levels. Many official sites in the region offer thrilling experiences for fans of this sport. Whether it's downhill, cross-country, or enduro, the province's cycling network is booming and attracting more and more enthusiasts. The numerous mountain biking trails offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in this thrilling activity while enjoying the magnificent landscapes characteristic of each location. An experience that promises a good dose of adrenaline and challenges to overcome! To accompany mountain biking enthusiasts and experts, Quebec Attractions offers a multitude of destinations to discover the extensive network of trails accessible to all.

1. The Bike Park at Sommet Saint-Sauveur

 The Bike Park at Sommet Saint-Sauveur

The Bike Park at Sommet Saint-Sauveur, formerly known as "MSS Bike Park," on the Avila slope, is opening for the summer season 2024! In collaboration with Daniel Mavré, the park's founder, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for cycling enthusiasts. Come and explore our diverse trails, suitable for all levels, including the "Chainsaw Massacre" trail in tribute to Steve Smith. Take advantage of our flexible subscriptions for an unforgettable biking season!

2. Le Parc du Massif du Sud - Mountain biking

Le Parc du Massif du Sud - Mountain biking

The Massif du Sud Park offers a network of singletrack bike trails (approximately 20 km) in addition to the so-called multifunctional trails (approximately 30 km), which are gravelled and wide paths winding through the park.

Please note that the territory of the Massif du Sud Park offers mountain biking trails with significant elevation gain and several climbs that require good physical fitness.

The park's singletrack trails are mostly accessible*, meaning that families and cyclists of all skill levels can ride them at their own pace. We recommend the multifunctional trails for those with less experience.

The trails "la Froc d'étoffe" and "L'embardée" are aimed at more experienced cyclists.

2. Sentiers du moulin

Sentiers du moulin

Just 20 minutes from Quebec City, this center is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, fatbiking, and snowshoeing.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, summer is the perfect time to enjoy one of the best trail networks in Eastern Canada, featuring 65 km of stunning singletracks. Hikers are not left out, with the planned opening in summer 2023 of a new trail network of about ten kilometers on Mount Tourbillon, offering panoramic views of the region.

In winter, classic skiers can explore the 40 km of cross-country ski trails of varying difficulty levels, meticulously maintained and complemented by cozy shelters for warming up. Snowshoers and fatbikers will also find plenty to enjoy among the numerous wooded trails offering exceptional viewpoints. And if you need equipment, our rental workshop offers a wide inventory of cross-country skis, snowshoes, and fatbikes.



3. Le parc régional de la Rivière Gentilly

Le parc régional de la Rivière Gentilly

Discover our mountain biking trails, totaling 24 km and meticulously maintained. Enjoy our "pumptrack" for some fun, as well as our easy trails (including a family trail) and more challenging ones. Plus, marvel at breathtaking landscapes! We also offer mountain bike and fatbike rentals. Note that the Parc régional de la rivière Gentilly also provides the option to rent balance bikes or bikes with small rear wheels for toddlers.

4. Centre Castor - Valcartier

Centre Castor - Valcartier

During the summer season, marked trails are open to mountain biking enthusiasts. We have a wide network of cross-country trails and 10.3 km of Enduro downhill trails. The new network features 17 trails designed for beginners to start the sport and develop their skills. The network is fast and offers a great balance between "flow" and technicality. Obstacles are predictable, well-calculated, and there are no exposed danger zones. It presents challenges with numerous jumps and turns, but will surely appeal to both families and more experienced bikers. What particularly sets our network apart is its compact layout, allowing quick and looped access to all trails.

"This is a great addition to the largest mountain biking trail network in Eastern Canada," says Destination Québec.






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5. Le Parc des Montagnes Noires de Ripon

Le Parc des Montagnes Noires de Ripon

Nestled in the heart of the Papineau Regional County Municipality in the Outaouais region, the Parc des Montagnes Noires de Ripon offers an escape into nature.

Located 80 km northeast of Gatineau and 150 km west of Montreal, this outdoor recreation and natural landscape contemplation center boasts over 28 km of diverse trails, skiing tracks, and a plethora of activities!

As the second-highest peak in the region after Mont-Tremblant, this massif offers breathtaking views from its observation tower providing a 360° panoramic view and its lookout perched at 426 meters above sea level. Visitors can also stay in one of its four rustic shelters or at a secluded wild camping site.

In summer, visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cani-cross, geocaching, and a children's orienteering course. In winter, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ski-hok, Austrian sledding, fatbiking, and tube sliding are among the activities to enjoy with friends, family, or even with leashed canine companions. You can bring your own equipment or rent on-site.

As you can see, you can visit us in any season!

6. The Vorlage Center offers mountain biking trails

The Vorlage Center offers mountain biking trails

Nestled in the splendid region of Outaouais in Quebec, the Vorlage Center stands as an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts. This summer, it unfolds a range of captivating activities that promise to set the hearts of adventurers seeking thrills racing.

For two-wheeled enthusiasts, the Vorlage Center offers mountain biking trails that defy gravity and fat bike trails that will take you through breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or a track veteran seeking new challenges, there's something for every level and taste.

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