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Explore our numerous camping sites nestled in the heart of the forest! Please note that during the summer season, dogs are welcome free of charge at the campgrounds in our regional parks, as well as in some of our shelters. You can therefore bring them along during your stay. However, please keep them on a leash and under constant supervision. Whether you're camping in a tent, a recreational vehicle, or opting for equipment rental, the campground welcomes you with open arms. Enjoy a variety of activities such as biking, swimming pool, beach, and playgrounds, not to mention the traditional evenings spent around the campfire indulging in roasted marshmallows.

Municipal Campground of Lac Taureau
Ideally located facing the municipal beach and close to the village of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, this campground offers a perfect spot to enjoy the generosity of nature in the Lac Taureau region. With its exceptionally high-quality beaches and vast body of water, it's the ideal location for water activities and swimming.

Chute-à-Bull Campground
Come and discover a hidden gem of Chute-à-Bull Park by camping on a natural site cherished by many visitors! Located along the Boule River, this site offers remarkable privacy. With direct access to the park's trails and the National Trail, it's the perfect place to pitch your tent and enjoy an unforgettable hiking and camping experience.

Camping at Guy and Rémi Lakes
If you're feeling the call of adventure and craving direct contact with nature, five rustic camping sites near Guy and Rémi Lakes offer you the chance to spend the night in the heart of the park, surrounded by its mountains and trails. Just imagine the starry sky above Mount Brassard on a beautiful summer evening!

Baie-du-Milieu and Les Îles Sectors - Lac Taureau Regional Park  
The campgrounds of Lac Taureau Regional Park welcome you with sandy shores, offering over 400 camping sites spread across a vast territory. Whether on an island, tucked away in a small bay, along a river, or elsewhere, our sites are diverse and always provide an exceptional natural setting for nature lovers and camping enthusiasts.

Swaggin Sector Camping 
Come discover a hidden gem in the Saint-Côme region by camping at an exceptional natural site! Located along the L'Assomption River and near the Swaggin River, this site is adorned with a footbridge spanning the L'Assomption River, connecting the Swaggin Trail to the Boule Trail. In this sector, you'll find 9 rustic camping sites (without services but with dry toilets), as well as a shelter that can accommodate up to 20 people (available by reservation), a mosquito shelter, and a few picnic tables.

Massif Sector Camping - Ouareau Forest Regional Park 
For hiking enthusiasts, the Massif sector offers camping sites nestled in the heart of the trail network. The loops of the National Trail await you to discover breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains!

Grande-Jetée Sector Camping - Ouareau Forest Regional Park
Nearby, you can cool off in the crystal-clear waters of the Ouareau River and explore the popular Murmurs Trail. The Grande-Vallée sector, accessible on foot in just 30 minutes, offers over 30 km of trails for campers in the area. Also not to be missed is the fishing trail along the Petite Rivière du Nord. This natural gem invites you to explore an interpretive trail highlighting the habitat of speckled trout. For those who enjoy contemplation, the waterfall and cascades of the Petite Rivière du Nord are worth the detour alone!

Contreforts Sector Camping - Ouareau Forest Regional Park 
Located along the 1st Lac du Castor, this site offers a multitude of activities to enjoy. You can indulge in climbing, hike along the Contreforts Trail (part of the National Trail), and rent canoes and paddleboards (SUPs). The cliffs lining the lake offer breathtaking panoramas of the region. Following the national trail will allow you to discover all this natural splendor...

Rivière Sector Camping - Ouareau Forest Regional Park, Rivière Sector 
Located near the splendid Ouareau River, these sites, a bit further from the beaten path, promise you a true change of scenery and absolute tranquility. Immersed in a preserved natural setting, far from urban hustle and bustle, you can fully recharge and enjoy an unforgettable experience in nature.

Pont Suspendu Sector Camping - Ouareau Forest Regional Park 
Near the serene Ouareau River, you'll have the opportunity to pitch your camp in the heart of a vast forested area, where majestic pines will welcome you under their benevolent shade. This immersion in nature will offer you a refreshing break during hot summer days, allowing you to experience one of the most refreshing and memorable camping experiences.

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