Arbre-en-Ciel Village Arbraska Rigaud - Aerial Courses for kids

Le Suroît, Montérégie

The centerpiece of Arbre-en-Ciel Village is a network of colourful tree houses built in a beautiful hardwood forest. During a standard three hour visit, young adventurers and their parents can climb up into the houses using one of three access walkways. Once off the ground, visitors can then explore the various tree houses, which are connected by net bridges and tunnels. A series of slides and ramps lead you back down to the ground. Woodland trails meander through the fenced-off Village area, so once Inside, kids can explore wherever they like without staying too far from their parents' view. Other activities in Arbre-en-Ciel Village include an obstacle course, a mini climbing wall and more.

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Arbre-en-Ciel Village - Rigaud 
85 Chemin Bourget,
Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0
Tel : 1 877-886-5500

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