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Discover the natural, pristine wonders of Gaspésie, the Gaspésie region attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world and has quickly become one of the top Québec Attractions as an outdoor nature playground destination, a true paradise for many with its incredible landscape, parks, abundant wildlife life, seaside and mountain adventures. The Gaspésie region is without question famous for its beauty and captivating contrast in the landscape, with over 800 km of sparkling life filled maritime coastline, a marine biologists dream, this destination offers environmentalists, nature lovers, adventure seekers, hikers, climbers, cyclists, campers and family and friends a dream vacation experience. Gaspésie delivers so many amazing sea and mountain vistas with its many natural settings, undisturbed environments among which are the highest summits in Eastern Canada. From walking trails, skiing, backpacking, (Read More)

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