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  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum
  • Huron-Wendat Museum

Throughout the year, the Huron-Wendat Museum offers several choices of activities to provide you with an authentic cultural experience in Wendake, located about twenty kilometers from Quebec City. The museum institution of the Huron-Wendat community presents a historical collection that highlights the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this thousand-year-old native nation.

Travel to the heart of Huron-Wendat history by participating in the activity of your choice among those offered by the Huron-Wendat Museum! With family, friends, on an organized trip or with school groups, the Huron-Wendat Museum offers a variety of activities, workshops and tours that are adapted to different audiences. The many packages offered are rooted mainly in its permanent exhibition "Territories, memories, knowledge", its temporary exhibitions and the national longhouse Ekionkiestha ".

Discovery visit: For those who wish to discover the village of Vieux-Wendake, the museum offers the possibility of continuing your visit to other heritage sites, including the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette church, the waterfall, the house Tsawenhohi. Book one of our discovery tours, led by a guide during a 2-hour tour! We are waiting for you!

Commented visit or audioguide: You have a little less time, with a guide or at your own pace, you can enjoy a visit offering the museum (permanent and temporary exhibition), then the national longhouse Ekionkiestha’.

Longhouse guided tour (depending on the season): The Huron-Wendat Museum offers a one-hour tour within its palisade, to discover the semi-sedentary way of life of the Huron-Wendat and the specifics of this dwelling . Our guides, specially trained in Huron-Wendat history and culture, will help you discover the site of the longhouse in all its spatiotemporal aspects.

Talking Stick Workshop: Are you creative? Attend one of our workshops. The talking stick is a tool that was and sometimes still is used in tribal councils to help regulate speech. In short, it is the person holding the stick who has the floor. Some families still use it today at home! When making it, the facilitator will explain its importance to you. You will make it yourself in the image of your clan, your family. It is certainly an unforgettable memory and which may be useful at home! Experience this activity with family or friends. Offered daily.

Demonstrations and workshops: Are you creative? Take part in one of our workshops to make an object from traditional Huron-Wendat crafts. Several workshops are offered for demonstration to visitors and families, such as making a traditional necklace, a porcupine quill bracelet, a bead curtain or a talking stick.

School visits:
In addition to its on-site activities, the Huron-Wendat Museum now offers online educational kits and "a guide to your school" packages on mythology, horticulture and diplomacy, which come to you!
In addition to being adapted to the age of the students and their grades, the activities are safe and meet all the health standards recommended by public health.

Longhouse activities:
Our national longhouse Ekionkiestha 'piques your curiosity even more? The experience is not to be missed in Wendake! The national longhouse Ekionkiestha ’is about living the traditional lifestyles of the pre-contact period, in life-size. Constructed in concert with Indigenous students from a traditional maintenance program, its plans are based on the archaeological research conducted by specialist archaeologist Yves Chrétien Ph.D to ensure structural authenticity. With family, group or friends, you will be impressed by the high palisades, the garden highlighting the period horticulture, and the warm interior of this traditional dwelling.

Longhouse guided tours: The Huron-Wendat Museum offers a one-hour visit to its fence, in order to discover the semi-sedentary lifestyle of the Huron-Wendat and the specificities of this dwelling. Our guides, specially trained in Huron-Wendat history and culture, will help you discover the site of the longhouse in all its Spatio-temporal aspects. You can enhance your experience by visiting the museum exhibits, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette church, Kabir Kouba waterfall and Tsawenhohi house.

Myths and Legends Evening: Want to live an authentic experience of Huron-Wendat culture and oral tradition? Attend one of our Myths and Legends evenings and let an Indigenous storyteller captivate you with magical legends from millennial oral traditions. Our storytellers welcome you to the heart of the friendly atmosphere of the longhouse, near a fire, to tell you several stories highlighting Huron-Wendat culture from a completely different angle!
Night in a longhouse: Looking for an even more immersive experience? It is in the magical setting of our national longhouse, a symbol of the legendary family, hospitality and welcome of these ancient peoples, that you can spend a night as if you were in 1534!

Défi-évasion and the Huron-Wendat Museum present a new enriching and fun activity: "Hatiyöndahskehen’ (ancestors) —Lights in the sky," in the form of an enigmatic journey. Come and help the members of the community and its specialists decode a message from the Huron-Wendat spirits using clues and ancient artifacts. With family or friends, rack your brains and solve the puzzles at your pace. During your quest in the heart of old Wendake, you can discover 5 unique places steeped in the history of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Ready? Set? To your artifacts! 

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