Air Defense Museum of Bagotville

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Take control of a CF-18 Hornet at the Air Defence Museum!

Experience what it’s like to be a fighter pilot on air combat missions with our virtual reality simulators.Our new youth exhibit Adventurer of the Skies plunges peoples into the heart of the flying action in an entertaining interactive environment. Using observation, deduction and association, young people complete various tests to stand out among the pilot elite. Also unforgettable are the multimedia exhibitions Masters of the Sky and State of Alert. Thrills guaranteed on these unique Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean adventures!

The Masters of the Sky exhibition relates the glory and misfortunes of these airmen through history. This permanent museum exhibition addresses various themes of the history of Canadian military aviation, including:

  • World War I;
  • World War II;
  • The Cold War;
  • Bagotville and the Saguenay region;
  • Canada’s North;
  • The RCAF in the 21st century.

Discover the gripping history of Canada’s airmen through artifacts, photographs, documents and interactive terminals.

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Air Defense Museum
6513, chemin des Aviateurs,
La Baie (Québec)  G7B 3N8
Tel. : 418 677-7159

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Jul. 12, 2022 Air Defense Museum of Bagotville Air Defense Museum of Bagotville Air Defense Museum of Bagotville Air Defense Museum of Bagotville Air Defense Museum of Bagotville

Mme Dominique Boisclair

J'ai fais la visite complète le 8 juillet, très intérressant le guide que nous avions connaissait bien l'histoire nous avons apprécié, conduire un F18, pas facile j ai bien aimé tout de ma visite . Merci

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